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Red Light Therapy Bed

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The Merican LED Light Whole-body Therapy Bed-M6N is a high-energy-density professional Photobiomodulation device for the whole body. The M6N makes the light irradiation range stronger and more uniform stimulates the entire body in one treatment utilizing Stimu-LED diode technology and superposition effect of light.

Patented independent separate fresh air duct system, the fresh air exchange volume inside the machine reaches 1300CFM, greatly improves the durability of LED lights and user comfort.

With the patented technology wide-lamp-board heat dissipation scheme, combined with the constant current source scheme, the output power is increased by more than 4 times, and the comprehensive power saving is more than 50% at the same time.

  • Luxury front panel with brand shield and ambient flow light
  • Unique extra side cabin design
  • UK Lucite® Acrylic Sheet, up to 99% light transmittance
  • China Taiwan EPISTAR® LED chips
  • Patented technology wide-lamp-board heat dissipation scheme
  • Self-developed Constant current source scheme
  • Patented independent separate fresh air duct system.
  • Self-developed Wireless Smart Control System
  • Independent wavelengths control available
  • 0-100% duty cycle adjustable system
  • 0-50000Hz pulse adjustable system
  • Efficient 3 groups of standard light source combination solutions optional
Dimensions and Specifications

Irradiance: 80mW/cm2
LEDs: 28,512
Wavelengths: 633, 810, 850, 940
Pulse: CW and Pulsing (5-5,000Hz)
Voltage: 220v (one-phase 30A) or 110v, at 64mW/cm2 
Size: 6'-6" x 2' -10"
Weight: 265 lbs

Weight limit: 350
Max user height: 6' -2"
Warranty: 3 years & lifetime on LEDs



Advantages of High Power Device

Absorption into certain kinds of tissue (most notably, the tissue where a lot of water is present) can interfere with light photons passing through, and result in shallower tissue penetration. 

This means ample light photons are required to ensure that the maximum amount of light reaches the targeted tissue — and that requires a light therapy device with more power.


Advantages of 660+850

As the two lights move through the tissue, both wavelengths will work together up to about 4 mm. After that, the 660 nm wavelengths are extinguished while the 850 nm wavelengths continue into slightly greater absorption depth more than 5 mm before extinguishing.


This two-wavelength combination will help reduce the loss of energy that occurs as light photons pass through the body — and when you add longer wavelengths to the mix, you exponentially increase the number of light photons interacting with your cells.


Advantages of 633+660+810+850+940

As the light photons enter the skin, all five wavelengths interact with the tissues they pass through. It’s very “bright” in the irradiated area, and this five-wavelength combination has a significant impact on the cells in the treatment area.

Some of the light photons scatter and change direction, creating a “net” effect in the treatment area in which all wavelengths are active. This net effect receives the light energy of five different wavelengths.

The net will also be bigger when you use a larger light therapy device; but for now, we’ll stay focused on how the individual light photons behave in the body.

While the light energy does indeed dissipate as the light photons pass through the body, these distinct wavelengths work together to “saturate” the cells with more light energy.

This spectral output results in an unprecedented synergy that ensures each layer of tissue — within the skin and below the skin — receives the maximum light energy possible.



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Red Light Therapy Bed

Red Light Therapy Bed


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