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EWOTpro - Oxygen Therapy System

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Get the Ultimate Exercise With Oxygen Therapy experience with EWOTpro

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is like an enhanced fitness routine, where you breathe high grade oxygen while exercising. The EWOTpro allows you to do this easily, because this innovative system is more than a simple oxygen storage bag. We've incorporated multiple features that will make the experience much more enjoyable.

When using an oxygen concentrator during exercise, you are limited by the output of the concentrator. By filling the EWOTpro, you have a steady supply of oxygen that you can breathe in at the rate best suited for you. This way you don't wind up with too little oxygen for deeper breathing or wasting oxygen if you're not breathing deeply enough for the concentrator by itself. The bag holds up to 850 liters of oxygen.  

Construction: Made from state-of-the-art food-grade nylon-coated polyurethane, an incredibly durable material that is inert with oxygen and does not have the odors common with PVC vinyl. It holds up to 850 liters of oxygen and is tear and abrasion-resistant, so it won't leak over time and can handle the stress of use.


Oxygen Sources and Usage Notes

Oxygen Source: Any oxygen concentrator can be used (not included unless selected). A 10 LPM concentrator will fill the bag in one hour, while a 5 LPM unit will fill it in two hours. If you do not have an oxygen concentrator already, we carry a great option: the Millennium M10 10LPM (refurbished).

Notes About Use: In order to achieve the proper levels of oxygen for EWOT, the threshold of oxygen inhaled when exercising is about 10 LPM. This means the amount of oxygen consumed in a 20 minute exercise session would be about 200 liters (20 min x 10 LPM). With the EWOTpro reservoir bag and high flow tubing you can achieve flow rate levels in the range of 40-55+ liters of oxygen per minute. This helps maximize the absorption and delivery of oxygen throughout the body to the organs and tissues.

What's Included?
  • Oxygen source not included unless chosen
  • Includes bag, built-in grommets, bungees for hanging, high-performance mask, pressure relief system, tubing, quick connect, pulse oximeter, syringe for inflating and deflating mask
  • Comes with one year warranty on the bag (warranty does not cover misuse); 3 years on the concentrator
  • Dimensions: 80" Tall x 58" Wide.
  • When fully inflated it can be between 20-25 inches deep.


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EWOTpro - Oxygen Therapy System

EWOTpro - Oxygen Therapy System


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