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Newtowne Hyperbarics - C4 27 Hyperbaric Chamber

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  • Most Affordable, Compact and Portable Hyperbaric Chamber 
  • For Solo Use
  • Perfect for Users up to 6 Feet Tall
  • Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Made only ith the finest medical grade materials
  • Dual Operability - Operate from both inside and outside
  • To Use this chamber, users must possess full mobility for entry and exit
  • Includes: bonus oxygen kit, a valve for an oxygen concentrator, an oxygen hose, an oxygen mask, and a cannula
  • Ships FREE! ($400 value)
  • Two-Year Warranty, with extended warranty options available
  • Made entirely in the USA!

The Newtowne Hyperbarics C4-27 chamber features a 27-inch diameter and a 7.5-foot length, and operates at a pressure of 4 PSI (1.3 ATA). It can comfortably accommodate one adult or one child. The interior of the chamber is designed in a soothing white shade to minimize the feeling of claustrophobia, and comes with an ultra-silent and cool compressor designed for noise-free hyperbaric therapy sessions.

The chamber's thick bag is made of urethane-coated nylon and is built to last.  For added safety, window pressure covers are provided to prevent the windows from puffing out when pressurized. The chamber also has two large, heavy-duty viewing windows for visibility. The double safety zipper system ensures an airtight seal without needing any lubrication. The chamber is easy to operate, thanks to the high-efficiency electric air pump with sound suppression and in-line air filtration.

The C4-27 is an energy-efficient option, consuming only 200 watts of power. The pressure gauge is easy to read, so you can monitor the pressure inside the chamber.

For an even more comfortable experience, a 4" mattress and an internal pressure gauge are offered as optional add-ons. 



Diameter: 27" Fits one person at a time. Bestseller for a home hyperbaric chamber

Length: 92"

Brand: Trusted Newtowne Hyperbarics Dealer

Operating Pressure: 4 PSI or 1.3 ATA

Main Body-The Bladder: This is made from a hypoallergenic, medical grade material, including 46 oz. heavy-duty, double laminated ballistic grade nylon. It weighs approximately 19 lbs.

Frame: External, This frame is made of steel. (no bolsters are needed for stabilization)

Zippers: Triple zipper entry. One outer and one inner coil safety zipper with a middle airtight zipper. (no lubrication is required)

Belt Buckles: None

Power Outage Alarm: Yes. The power outage alarm will sound if there is an interruption in power because the pump stops or the power goes out in your home.  If the power is lost, there is plenty of time to get out of the chamber using standard procedures.  CO2 build-up would not be an issue for at least 30 minutes.

Compressors: One HK80

Windows: One 9" diameter window at your head. This window has a hard port cover which is a window reinforcement with a floating piece of Lexan that prevents the window from bulging upon inflation.

Internal and External Pressure Gauge: External only. This gives the person outside of the hyperbaric chamber the ability to monitor the internal pressure. Internal gauge not included. If the patient wants to monitor the pressure from inside while completing their hyperbaric oxygen therapy session, it is a $150.00 upgrade for an internal pressure gauge. Click here to view.

Entry to Chamber: Side or top entry to step in. A patient must have full mobility to enter and exit this HBOT.

Accessories: Thin 1/2" yoga-style mat for comfort.  You can upgrade to a thicker 4" curved foam mattress.

Oxygen Concentrator: Not included. Here are the recommended 10-liter Oxygen Concentrator options

Additional Options: Here are the recommended upgrades for Newtowne C4-27 Hyperbaric Chamber. A thicker 4" curved mat for more comfort and an internal pressure gauge so a patient can watch the pressure from inside while completing your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session.  


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Newtowne Hyperbarics - C4 27 Hyperbaric Chamber

Newtowne Hyperbarics - C4 27 Hyperbaric Chamber


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