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Summit To Sea - GRAND DIVE - Hyperbaric Chamber

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The Summit to Sea Grand Dive MIld Hyperbaric chamber is very bright and spacious.

It is a best seller for health clinics as it is large enough to have 2-3 people in here or plenty of room for a person to exercise inside or sit up.

This chamber is operable both internally and externally, giving you complete control over your hyperbaric chamber so you can operate it alone. It has a double vent system that reaches a maximum of 4.4 PSI and in-line air filtration.

It is energy efficient, using 250 watts of power.

Made in the USA using high-quality materials from partners in Europe and the USA.

Includes an instructional manual and video for easy setup.

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Diameter: 40" This is a great option for being able to sit up or lay down while completing your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session.

Length: 90" Spacious with plenty of room for 2-3 people or room for you to exercise inside the hyperbaric chamber.

Brand: Summit to Sea

Operating Pressure: 4.4 PSI with double vent system for safety and two auxiliary valves.

Main Body-The Bladder: Made of polyurethane

Frame: External, made with furniture-grade PVC pipe. An external frame is great as you do not lose any space inside the chamber or laying up against the frame when you are inside.

Zippers: Two zippers, one mechanical and one airtight zipper. This HBOT can be operated from the inside and outside.

Belt Buckles: Four buckles. The buckles help reduce stress on the zippers, therefore extending their life.

Power Outage Alarm: Yes. The power outage alarm will sound if there is an interruption in power because the pump stops, or the power goes out in the home or office.  If the power is lost, there is plenty of time to get out of the chamber using normal procedures.  CO2 build up would not be an issue for at least 30 minutes.

Compressors: Dual compressor system. In the event one of the compressors fail you will still receive ample fresh air delivered into the chamber allowing you to deflate the chamber and exit safely. They run on a standard 120 v 15 AMP outlet and the two compressors are equivalent to running under a 100 watt light bulb.  

Air Relief Valve: Has two values, the second one is a safety backup valve.

Windows: Two 1" x 7.5" windows

Internal and External Gauge:  Both included to monitor the internal pressure. 

Entry to Chamber: Side or top

Accessories: A four inch contoured mattress to lie on for comfort, four external round foam bolsters that are connected in a cradle to help stabilize the HBOT, and a travel carrying bag for transporting it to another location.

Oxygen Concentrator: Not included.  

Additional Options: Air Silencer or Cooling System

Here is the Summit to Sea Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber Instruction Manual.  


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Summit To Sea - GRAND DIVE - Hyperbaric Chamber

Summit To Sea - GRAND DIVE - Hyperbaric Chamber


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